The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Denmark

The Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Denmark, being a state structure and a part of a diplomatic mission, represents Russia in all matters concerning external trade and protects her economic interests.

The Trade Representation operates according to the "Treaty of Commerce and Navigation between the USSR and Denmark", signed August 17, 1946 in Moscow. The 12th article of the treaty proclaimed the establishment of the Soviet Trade Mission in Denmark, which powers, functions and legal status were determined by attachment, entitled "The Legal Status of the Soviet Trade Mission in Denmark". Since then the Trade Mission have been representing and defending first Soviet and then Russian interests in external trade on the territory of Denmark.

Nowadays the Russian Trade Representation:

  • assists Russian and Danish entrepreneurs in order to strengthen the direct partnership between our countries; the Trade Mission provides Russian and Danish businessmen with necessary information and helps to organize meetings and negotiations between the potential partners of both lands. The Trade Mission participates in the preparation and implementation of concrete transactions and joint projects.
  • promotes further development of Russian-Danish cooperation in key areas of modernization of Russian economy, especially in information and communication, energy and biomedical technologies.
  • contributes to the establishment and development of direct economic ties between the regions of the Russian Federation and Denmark.
  • organizes the Russian-Danish business missions for some special economic sectors, where both Danish and Russian entrepreneurs get the opportunity to share experience, establish business contacts and find potential partners.
  • analyses general economic and social situation in Denmark, as well as the specific economic sectors in order to discover new ways to develop trade and investment cooperation between Russia and Denmark. If you want to start or expand your activity in the markets of our countries, you are welcome to contact the Trade Representation of Russia in Denmark for assistance.

  • Trade Representative
    Tatiana Volozhinskaya

    Tel.    +45 36462811,            +45 36462741      
    Fax +45 36462982
    DK-2500 Valby, Vigerslev Alle 161