Special economic zone “Lipetsk” recognized as most attractive European investment platform

Date: 2014-11-14

Author: administration

Special economic zone “Lipetsk” recognized as most attractive European investment platform
fDi Intelligence, a division of the Financial Times Ltd, one of the largest FDI centre of excellence specialising in all areas relating to foreign direct investment and investment promotion in its annual report 2014 named the special economic zone “Lipetsk” the most attractive European investment platform of free economic zones around the world.
SEZ “Lipetsk” was established in late 2005 at the initiative of the head of administration of the Lipetsk Region Oleg Korolyov. Nowadays there are about 33 residents from Russia and the ten other countries. Priority areas – production of energy equipment, components and systems, alternative energy, automotive components, household appliances, medical equipment, building materials, bio and nanomaterials. Several world leader companies allocated there its production plants among them – Japanese Yokohama, German LANXESS, Belgian Bekaert. On October 13 the heads of governments of Russia and China launched a new promising project – signed an agreement on the construction of «LIFAN» automotive plant on the territory of the SEZ “Lipetsk”. As repeatedly noted the head of the executive power in the region, Oleg Korolyov, the region became a locomotive for economic development of the Lipetsk region and an example of effective work to attract investment for other regions.
Investors who choose the SEZ “Lipetsk”, enjoy tax and customs privileges, finished with modern infrastructure. Additional advantages – convenient location of SEZ, the availability of qualified labor resources, prompt and transparent administration.
Currently, ten enterprises already in the production phase and nine more are under construction. By the end of 2014 three new plants will be put into operation. The cost of manufactured products exceeded 23.3 billion Rubles.